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Accreditation Procedure for Applicant Schools (K-12)

This procedure is for new applicants who have never achieved NALSAS accreditation. Please carefully read all required procedures prior to submitting an application for accreditation.

1.    Submission of an Application for Accreditation and Initial Review of the Application

A K-12 school seeking N.A.L.S.A.S. accreditation must first submit an Application for Accreditation along with an application fee of $500.00 to N.A.L.S.A.S., 18520 N. W. 67th Ave., #188, Miami, FL 33015. (NOTE: Application Fee is non-refundable). Please click on this link for the Application for Accreditation: (NALSAS-Application-2018.pdf).

2.    Review of the Application for Accreditation by N.A.L.S.A.S. board members and Submission of Additional Information by the Applicant School
N.A.L.S.A.S. board members will conduct an initial review of the application within 30 days of receipt and will provide the applicant school with a written assessment of the application. The applicant school will be informed if the school has been granted candidacy status.
3.    Submission of Additional Information by the Applicant School
The applicant school that has been granted candidacy status must submit a $500.00 candidacy fee to N.A.L.S.A.S. along with three copies of a written description of the following:
1.    History of the Institution
2.    Organizational Chart
3.    Educational Programs
4.    Methods of Delivery
5.    Enrollment Data for the last two years
6.    Faculty Qualifications
7.    Library / Learning Resources
8.    Financial Resources – audited financial statements or corporate tax returns for the last two years
9.    Physical Resources – address general adequacy and size of structures used for instruction and student activities.
10. Copy of Enrollment Application
11. Terms and conditions of online and paper enrollment applications
12. Refund Policy
13. Compliance with all local and state requirements to operate as a private K-12 school in your state. Proof may include a combination of the following depending on your state’s requirements: business tax receipt/license, registration as a private school, fire and safety inspections, health inspections, annual survey, background check, certification and/or qualifications of teachers and administrators, content of curriculum, graduation requirements, etc...
14. Designated Contact Representative of the Applicant School – please include all contact information.
15. Ownership Bio
16. Three Year Plan for Continuous School Improvement
4.    Review of Additional Information provided by the Applicant School to N.A.L.S.A.S.
N.A.L.S.A.S. will conduct a thorough review of all written documentation submitted by the applicant school and make a determination if the applicant school is approved for an on-site visit. If the applicant school is not approved for an on-site visit, the applicant school will be informed in writing and receive a full refund of the $500.00 candidacy fee. The N.A.L.S.A.S. review of additional information is usually completed within 30 days however, the review may be extended up to 60 days if needed.
5.    Approval of On-Site Visit
The applicant school that has been approved for an on-site visit by N.A.L.S.A.S. must submit a $3,000.00 on-site visit fee (Florida schools) OR a $4,000.00 on-site visit fee (other states) to N.A.L.S.A.S. prior to N.A.L.S.A.S. visiting the applicant school.  Once the on-site visit fee has been received by N.A.L.S.A.S., arrangements will be made to conduct an on-site visitation. This requires the applicant school to submit (3) possible dates (in order of preference), at least (2) weeks apart, that such a visit might be made when the program is in operation.  An "eligible representative" is an active director, school administrator, or officer of an educational program currently accredited by N.A.L.S.A.S. who has agreed to make on-site visitations in his/her area to applicant programs. (NOTE: An on-site visit is required every three years, unless the name or location changes. This visit must be conducted only by an officer or board member of N.A.L.S.A.S. when an application is approved for an on-site visitation, or pursuant to a change of name or location.) All N.A.L.S.A.S. accredited schools that plan on changing their name or location must inform N.A.L.S.A.S. in writing at least 90 days prior to officially changing a school name or location.
6. On-Site Visit
The eligible representative of N.A.L.S.A.S. then makes an on-site visitation that all of the information submitted with the application is indeed true; to verify what is being claimed in the application has been observed, in fact, to be taking place at the site. In addition, the N.A.L.S.A.S. representative is responsible for verifying compliance with local health and fire safety requirements.
The representative then completes an on-site visitation form provided by N.A.L.S.A.S. and submits it to the main office in Miami FL, recommending either approval or disapproval for accreditation by N.A.L.S.A.S.
Upon receipt of this recommendation, N.A.L.S.A.S. will either institute a process for reviewing a negative recommendation, or, in the event of approval, will forward a Certificate of Accreditation valid for the remainder of that school year, ending June 30th.  The N.A.L.S.A.S. accredited school will be accredited by N.A.L.S.A.S. for three consecutive school years and receive a Certificate of Accreditation once per year for three school years. For example, an accredited school may receive a Certificate of Accreditation for school year 2016-2017, school year 2017-2018, and 2018-2019, ending June 30th.
NOTE: N.A.L.S.A.S. is a non-profit organization which relies upon the annual dues of its members to maintain operations and to provide service to its accredited schools. The annual dues for each accredited school are $500.00 per year and must be paid once per school year of accreditation prior to December 31st of each year. Failure to pay annual dues will result in suspension of accreditation.
*Application Fee:     $500.00 (non-refundable)
*Candidacy Fee:      $500.00 (non-refundable)
Annual Dues:           $500.00 (non-refundable)
On-Site Visit Fee:   
  Florida Schools:         $3,000.00 (non-refundable) (Every 3 years)
  Other State Schools:  $4,000.00 (non-refundable) (Every 3 years)
*ONLY for new applicants

A Certificate of Accreditation issued by N.A.L.S.A.S. is not meant to represent an evaluation and/or approval of the materials, teaching staff or educational philosophy employed by the applicant program. Rather, only one standard is applied: consumer protection---an assurance to the general public: 1) that a member of N.A.L.S.A.S. not involved with the control, operation, or proceeds of the applicant program has reviewed and confirmed documentation of their compliance with all state and local laws; and 2) that the conditions and advertising claims made regarding their location and operation have been verified (that the program is what it purports to be and does what it purports to do). Whether such a program is desirable or suitable for meeting the needs of a particular learner then becomes a question for the consumer to determine.
N.A.L.S.A.S. is not in the practice of telling schools what curriculum must be used or how to teach students. Instead, N.A.L.S.A.S. supports academic freedom, school choice, and the right of parents and students to choose an alternative education program that best fits their needs.
Should you have any questions regarding applying for N.A.L.S.A.S. accreditation, please contact our Institutional Representative, Mrs. Chau Trinh at 1-800-456-7784.

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