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Operating since 1973, the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools (NALSAS) was founded by former CEO, Ed Nagel, who was also principal of the Santa Fe Community School in New Mexico and author of CHEEZ! Uncle Sam.

NALSAS was originally “designed to help interested persons/organizations locate/evaluate/create viable alternatives to traditional schooling approaches”---including home study. Subsequently, NALSAS established a process to accredit bona fide members of the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools, requiring an on-site visit be conducted by a qualified representative to members of NCACS and educational homeschooling programs that apply. However, due to the dissolution of NCACS (effective 3/31/14), interested alternative schools may still apply for accreditation from NALSAS by following the accreditation process explained here: ACCREDITATION PROCESS.

U. S. Department of Education information on accreditation: (Retrieved on July 13, 2022 from the U. S. Department of Education, Accreditation in the United States)

A Certificate of Accreditation issued by NALSAS is not meant to represent an evaluation and/or approval of the materials, teaching staff or educational philosophy employed by the applicant program. Rather, only one standard is applied: consumer protection---an assurance to the general public: 1) that a member of NALSAS not involved with the control, operation, or proceeds of the applicant program has reviewed and confirmed documentation of their compliance with all state and local laws; and 2) that the conditions and advertising claims made regarding their location and operation have been verified (that the program is what it purports to be and does what it purports to do). Whether such a program is desirable or suitable for meeting the needs of a particular learner then becomes a question for the consumer to determine.

For further information and/or application, contact N.A.L.S.A.S., Accreditation Division, 18520 N.W. 67th Ave., #188, Miami, FL 33015. Phone: 1-800-456-7784. E-mail:

Accredited Schools   |   Accreditation Process   |   Founder